Stro-Lion technoStro-Lion Technologies are a large manufacturer and innovator of technology. Based in the UK but with offices worldwide including China, USA, France and Spain. Formed in 2002 we have fast expanded with some fantastic production lines and connections that has enabled us to be able to grow.

Stro technologies started off by working with large ID specialist companies that supplied things like lanyards and ID card printers. This lead to us working with a worldwide renown company called Lesar ( http://www.lesar.co.uk/lanyards )who have managed to become a leading supplier of lanyards and ID card printers. We work with them still to this day. They have a team of experts in lanyards that are always willing to help and can offer a quick turn around on orders.

Our further expansion has led us into the field of cloud computing working with investors to create leading web platforms and coding that is used in some very large fortune 500 companies. We continue to develop these systems and also work with providing them with our existing products including things like lanyards. Really this partnership works hand in hand as many of these businesses have a large amount of staff and this means they need food identity solutions which include have visitor management systems, lanyards, ID cards and ID card printers.

We have managed to use our cloud computing experience to create software solutions that integrate the two industries together. This includes a visitor management system that can integrate into your current databases and systems allowing you to be able to have a screen at your reception to take a picture and print a card for your visitor that they can then enter the building and be clearly seen as a visitor. So if they are in the wrong part of the building then it is clear for all to see.

For more information about our business please see our about us page. For details on how to contact us please see the contact page and fill in the form. We aim to reply to any enquiries or questions within 12 hours.